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Tips for setting the rear view mirrors in a car

Important elements of safe driving are the rear view mirrors. They allow you to control the situation outside the car without unnecessary head movements. A driver should know how to adjust the rear view mirror to get maximum visibility.

Some drivers are not responsible at setting of the mirrors. In the results, accidents can be, when you make a changeover of the car or when you go to overtake, because you do not see the moving vehicle in the passing direction. It is enough to make adjustments to the position of the mirrors, and the situation will be controlled. At the end of the article, there is a video instruction. If you want to rent a car in Dubai, which will be ready for driving – call Pay Less Car Company!

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What is a “dead” zone in the car

“Blind” or “dead” zone is the part of space behind the car, which is not visible to the driver in the rear view mirror.

The perpetrators in the appearance of these areas usually are:

  • Incorrectly installed mirrors;
  • High seat headrests;
  • Overall weight;
  • The pillars;
  • Large passengers.

In some cases, the problem is solved by correct adjustment of the mirrors, in others, the driver has to turn his head to improve visibility.

There are two main types of the “blind” zones: left and right.

  • A left “dead” zone practically absents due to the installation of the side mirror of variable curvature. If the left side mirror has a vertical stripe, then this is a wonderful mirror. It distorts the reflection, but you will be able to notice the vehicle, traveling on the adjacent lane, without problems.
  • In the right side mirror a reviewed area is much more. Therefore, the evolution in the right row requires an additional look into the car window.

How to set the rear view mirrors

Each driver has the individual settings of the rear view mirrors, depending on a model and the physical data of his car. However, before you start moving in someone else's car, you must carefully adjust the mirrors.

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A society of automotive engineers offers a special algorithm for the mirror settings. By following these recommendations, you will be able to eliminate the “dead” zones.

Experts have determined that the angles of the external side mirrors should cover the visible area of the salon mirrors. To achieve this aim, you need to turn the mirrors to see a horizon behind the car. Thus, the side surface of your car should not be seen. This configuration eliminates the formation of the “blind” areas.

The main problem for many drivers, when they follow the recommendations of the society of automotive engineers is getting used to the unusual position of the mirrors. The lack of reflection of at least a small section of the car, leads to some confusion. However, you have to get used to this unusual setting of the mirrors, then you can avoid invisible passing cars during driving.