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MBC Yacht is the progressing yacht industry. We have established our name and popularity in a short time. Founded in 2013, it's been 3 years and we haven’t disappointed our clients once. MBC yachts earned their name by establishing a good relationship with their clients. We focus on giving you the best yachting experience to our clients.

Our yacht management is popular from Europe to UAE. We provide the best yacht maintenance around the globe. Our yachts are famous for their design, build and maintenance. MBC Yacht is the best yacht service in the Middle East. We provide these management services:

  • Operational Management
  • Technical management
  • Crew management
  • Financial and accounting management
  • Management of statutory issues

Technical management includes repair, update and testing of yachts. Operational management includes planning operation time, proper functioning and berthing in marinas. Crew management entails selection of crew and organizing their salaries and allowances. Financial and accounting have general, management and operational budget included. Statutory issues entail the legal issues.

MBC Yachts is a trustworthy name in the brokerage market. Selling your yachts to us as easy as selling a pen or pencil. The process is guided. Our team takes care of the whole procedure. Buying your yachts at MBC is also very convenient. Our team takes care of all the details while you sit back and enjoy your ownership.

At MBC Yachts, you can also charter a yacht for purposes of your preference. You can charter a yacht for parties, events and business meetings. You can also charter yachts for participation in races. Charter a yacht and enjoy the journey around the world. Enjoy the freedom of not booking into a hotel and anchoring whenever you want and wherever you want.

Each year Abu Dhabi rivals Monaco with formula 1 Grand Prix. This is going on since 2009. Nothing beats the feeling of watching the race from your own yacht harbored on the marina. We pride ourselves by saying that we charter yachts for these races. Our staff is friendly and pampers you. You’ll find the experience adventurous and luxurious at the same time.

MBC Yacht is proud to say that we not only sell or buy yachts we build yachts. Our team of engineers and architects build custom made designs for yachts and build the best yachts. We do the yacht refit because after staying in the sea for too long yachts decomposes or become prey to erosions.

We just don’t do the formal business. We are in the Dubai, the centre of parties. We arrange formal parties, night parties, personal parties and events. We offer the best catering and mouthwatering food. Best music and decorations.

MBC Yachts are the leaders of the yachting industry. We do all the work regarding yachts. Selling yachts, buying yachts, chartering and building of yachts.